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  1. On the third day of Christmas, Lora Gene gave to me

    In our second edition of the exclusive ‘12 days of Christmas’ series, we’re bringing you a little bit closer to the people that are considered the heart-centre of our business - the makers. If you haven’t already seen our #herstory action over on Instagram, we are intentionally centring and amplifying the voices of the garment workers that are often overlooked, underpaid and undervalued in the fashion industry.

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  2. Humanising fashion: An ethical approach to Black Friday

    Whether you celebrate Christmas, or just enjoy the break that comes with the historical significance of Christ’s birth. The Christmas season shapes the biggest national holiday in the UK’s calendar. It is in those few days that people often talk about inwardly reflecting and if you're like me, you’re surely thinking about how the world around you has changed as we approach the end of another year.

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  3. How to Care for Your Knitwear

    The unfortunate truth is that the cold, dark days are drawing near and whether you’re out picking pumpkins and taking your annual #pumpkinpatch selfies, or snuggling down with popcorn and your favourite book, you’re probably doing it in your favourite knitted loungewear.

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  4. Autumn/Winter 21-22 with Lora GENE

    This weekend, we caught up with our founder and lifestyle leader, Lora. With the new autumn/winter collection making its way to our online store this week, we found an opportunity to ask her about the inspiration for the looks this season after some tantalising trailers and sneak-peek stories were released on social media.

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    When I posted this image on Instagram at the end of July about size inclusivity, I had imagined it would cause some interaction and debate. It wasn't particularly controversial in my opinion but the topic of size inclusivity is causing lots of people in the fashion industry to speak out.

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  6. Aja Barber x Lora GENE

    If you’re a die-hard of the sustainable fashion movement, you may have heard, Lora GENE has launched a 5- item capsule collection designed in collaboration with the writer, activist, style consultant and personal stylist Aja Barber.

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  7. How Can You Tell If It's Real Silk?

    Silk and Style at Lora GENE

    The opulence and versatility silk brings make it perfect to be THE signature material at Lora GENE. We discuss the best way to identify silk and answer the question everybody wants to know - is real silk expensive? Read on to find out!

    Which test is the best way to identify silk?

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  8. SUSTAINABLE FASHION STAPLES [to Rock Your Summer Wardrobe]


    July is here and the promise of sunshine has us all excited at Lora GENE HQ. The joy of a sustainable capsule wardrobe is versatility- meaning pieces in your winter wardrobe shouldn’t be packed away so quickly!

    We’ve compiled 3 top tips with a collection of the perfect hero pieces to help you set your summer looks alight.

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    I have come to know Krassi Hendry as both an inspiration and luckily now as a friend. On several occasions I’ve heard her saying that if you are a woman “over 50, you are literally becoming invisible”, and I have to say this was something new to me.

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    In the age where greenwashing is beyond rife, can fashion brands actually create change beyond campaigning and empty promises for more sustainable operations?

    I think we can. Relax, I'm not suggesting recycling polyesters...Been there, done that.


    This Spring I’m teaming up with Sol Escobar fro Give Your Best UK, to prove that fashion brands have major role to play in changing popular narratives while directly improving women’s lives, regardless of their status and purchasing power.

    Our joint #PowerOfGifting campaign centres around the work carried out by Give Your Best, a non-profit providing an online catalogue of donated clothes where women who are refugees, seeking asy

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